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Couple Promise Rings Set Meaning: The Most Important Proposal Questions!

Engagement is the promise made by two persons in love to marry. A couple who is truly in love can be considered engaged as soon as both are in agreement to marry in the near future. Therefore, if the answer to the question "Will you marry me?" is "yes", the couple is considered engaged. The engagement is valid until the day of the civil wedding.

The couple must be married not later than one year after the engagement. That is, the wedding must be celebrated within a year.

This is not a formal recommendation. There are no rules. Unlike marriage, engagement has no legal definition or significance, it is simply an agreement made by an unmarried couple to say "I do" to one another in the near future. The fact that the loving couple is of a different sex or the same sex is of no significance. Engaging is therefore a definite intention to get married, whether it's a heterosexual or homosexual couple.


The beginnings of engagement go back to what is now known as "bride buying." At the time, the woman had no say in her future husband. The man searched for a wife, and he chose the one that suited his preferences best. He then reached an agreement with the father of his bride a "dowry", in order to get her money. The women were thus effectively "bought" and were not granted control over their future insofar as marriage was concerned. They were able to ask for compensation in the event that their husbands failed to meet his vows to marriage. In some non-Christian nations, arranged marriages are still popular. Even in our progressive times, women still marry, whether they like it or not.

Customs for Engagement

Engagement rings are the most popular and well-known symbol of engagement. The man gives the ring to his wife and asks if she will marry him. In some cases, the man also wears an engagement ring. In this situation couples usually choose rings that they share. In the traditional engagement one, a man surprises his partner by gifting her the ring. In this scenario, the classic solitaire is often chosen. It is a white or yellow gold ring that has a stone in the middle. Many people think that a wedding ring will only be worn for the duration of one year, and then kept in a jewelry box. In the best case scenario the bride wears her engagement ring for the rest of her life. Either individually on the ring finger of the right hand, or as an engagement ring before the wedding ring on the right hand. The engagement ring therefore must safeguard the wedding ring they say.

But before asking any questions, he asks for the woman's consent from the father who could be the future of the bride. This means that he first asks the father of the bride for permission to marry his daughter. If he receives a "yes" and he is able to inquire with the woman about whether she is interested in getting married. He then puts on the engagement ring and they marry the following year.

What is the significance of engagement?

The significance of engagement lies in a form of preparation for marriage. The couple, along with their family and friends, receive an "message" about the couple's genuine intentions. The engagement ceremony site the celebration of engagement, which is classically done by family and friends. It sends a clear message to all those who are around them that they are committed to each other. It's also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and throw parties. This is also a good answer to the question "Should I propose in secret or in a formal way? The party members can share the love of two people through an official engagement. It also helps to prepare the lovers for marriage. In reality, what are the main reasons to justify a secret engagement? Even if it's your own decision to make, it's good to let those around you know and help them prepare for marriage.

Why should you get engaged?

At this point, a problem could arise: "Why do we get married? Every child knows what this is - a genuflection and the joyous and loving "yes I will" and, finally the ultimate adornment - a gold ring. sparkling diamond! Engagement is a stunning tradition that, for a majority of couples, is part of the beginning of a new life together. This promise is among the most beautiful things you can do and for many, it is a hugely significant event. romantic and "just part of life". But strictly speaking the engagement is a prerequisite for marriage.

In the present, all that is required to be married is that two people accept it and without formal requirements. To be married, one of the partners must be at least 18 years old of age and the other minimum 16 years. A wedding can also be completed without the classic engagement with wedding rings, ceremonies and all the rest. But the engagement itself will take place when the two decide to get married.

The engagement period also allows couples who love each other a period of time to reflect or, more specifically, preparation for marriage, before taking the legal steps of the wedding. If we consider the rate of divorce that is close to 40%, we can understand more clearly the English expression "marry in haste and repent at leisure". In Germany, there are actually 407,500 marriages, and 153,500 divorcés.

Precisely for this reason, engagements and marriage plans should be carefully thought out and should only be made if both partners are truly certain of their decision.

Let's instead focus on what's beautiful about the couple! When you are in love with someone so deeply that you can't imagine your life without them, would like to share all your emotions and sorrows and you're always there for one another and a future together is something to be celebrated. Being capable of trusting someone completely is something that is truly unique. It is therefore a wonderful tradition to be engaged and live a marriage that will support us. Because, despite the many divorces there are many wonderful marriages which create happy couples.

How long do engagements last?

A happy couple is married until the engagement ends. This could happen through marriage or if one partner makes it clear that they do not wish to be married.

Engagements and breakups are not required to be accompanied by a specific form. Many couples are engaged for a period of a year before they get married.

Changes in engagements in Germany

As recently as two decades ago, engagements were viewed as outdated. Fortunately, things have changed and today, the majority of engagements are performed in a special location. The tradition of wearing an engagement ring is an additional beautiful change. In the past men were not likely to show this gesture to the woman they were dating. Today, however, most women are able to benefit from an engagement ring.

In fact, the wedding ring is a symbol love, which is now common in Germany. It's a beautiful custom that we can get from the United States and for which women are extremely thankful!

Diamonds are the best companions of girls, so they say.

FAQ on the meaning of Engagement

What does engagement mean?

See Engagement Customs above.

Which rings do you prefer to wear? rings?

In Germany, engagement rings are worn on the left finger. In Germany, the alliance is located on the right.

Which hand is engaged, and which is married?

The engaged wear their ring on the left. The bride and groom wear their wedding ring on the right.

How long can you be engaged for?

There is no standard policy on how long an engagement should last. Laws unwritten state that the marriage should be completed within one year from the date of request.

Are engagements legally binding?

There aren't any financial or legal rules that govern engagement.

Are you automatically engaged when a marriage proposal is made?

Marriage proposal is the same as engagement.

Does engagement count as a civil status?

From a economic or legal point of view, the status of "engaged" has no meaning. It is only at the point of marriage that a new status for the family is established.

Are commitments legally binding?

No, an engagement is not subject to any legal or tax obligations.


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